Monday, October 02, 2017

Just what is a squids Fist?

Thought of the Day 22/500
How easy it is for a habit to become something you forget to do!! I have been writing every morning for the first hour which includes the Thought of the Day.
Having been laid low for 36 hours by the dreaded lurgy this morning I was out the door at 5 ish for my walk but without the back pack - laptop pens inspiration etc. I realised about 10 minutes into the walk and decided I would do this when I got home... it is nearly 9 and I am really forcing myself to write.
Lesson: When a pattern is broken [ the good one ] remind yourself to retrace the steps and get back to where you should be.
For those of you interested, the podcast now has 9 episodes up and until the iTunes listing starts showing up you can access the podcast at I would love to know what you think.
So, for the nonsense: Here is my cartoon representation of how I feel. [ Just what is a squids Fist?}
And the RANT:
Day light saving in Eastern Australia started... please don't tell us in the West that somehow we have to follow you clowns.

 Just what is a squids Fist?

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