Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Internet Stats circa Sept 2000

INTERNET STATS (as of Septermber 2000)

– 76 million in US surf Internet and use email daily
– 215 million users in 2008
– 333.5 million e-mail accounts active in US (in 1998 it was 77 million)
– 46% of American workers use the Net for personal reasons
– 48% of engaged couples used Web to gather info on and plan weddings
– 55% of online gamblers are women
– 650 thousand new jobs created based on Internet contact
– 5,400 jobs cut between January and June 2000 due to dot-com failures
– 44% of online surfers have participated in an online auction this year
– 32% used the Net to keep up with and gather voting and election


– 18% relay on Internet “completely” or “very much” for daily news
– 68% say that e-mail and instant messaging has reduced long distance

phone bill

– 71% of men have shop online
– 58% of women shop online
– Most likely shoppers are males with at least Bachelor’s degree and

earning $75,000

– Companies are launching Web sites at record pace
– Over half of all businesses with Web sites maintain their own site
– advertising online has gone from $400 million in 1997 to $4.8 billion in 2000

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