Sunday, August 08, 2010

Putting Things Into Perspective

I have been reading my usual supply newsletters today and finally got to my favoutite - The Michael Masterson Journal... and he wrote:

Whenever I find myself embroiled in a stupid argument or endeavor, I think about time. This is what I think:

According to the best scientific measurements we have, time began 13.7 billion years ago. Hard to comprehend, isn't it? Maybe it will help if you think of it this way:

If the Big Bang occurred on the first second of January 1 and today is the last second of December 31, then:

The Milky Way came together in March...

The Sun and the planets in August...

The first single-cell organisms appeared in August...

The first vertebrates on December 17...

Dinosaurs on December 24...

Modern humans at 11:54 on December 31...

And recorded history began in the last 10 seconds.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Wayne. I love Michael Masterson. Met him at the ETR Bootcamp in November 2008. He was quite inspiring.

    More importantly, he altered the way I look at life when I watched a video wherein he explained the following:

    Life is divided into three categories: wealth, health, personal. To achieve success, you must decide on a monthly basis which of these will be your TOP priority. They can not all have equal importance at the same time.

    This was a great lesson that I have used many times since then.