Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I want my space - please piss off!

I came here for solitude

Finished coffee and ready for action!
My coffee place has an alcove which is usually available for me - no need for eye contact, talking with, or interaction with others - a sanctuary if you like.
Hell when I turned the corner there was someone there waiting to talk to me. It was the guy who comes to the coffee place to share his point of view about the ills of the world and to hell if you have an opinion.
anyway, sometime ago, I said I don't want to chat this morning I came to write and I haven't been bothered yesterday and he turned his attention to someone else who, having been to polite to tell him to piss off, didn't come today.
Anyway I was asked why?? And I have him a straight answer which obviously was a mistake because after 5 minutes I had to ask him to leave me alone...
So, my question, do you have one of those people who are only interested in finding someone to convert to their point of view and who forget that we have one mouth and two ears and don't use them in that proportion!
So, the first 15 minutes of my sanctuary were a battle ground and my usual tranquil day beginning has been disrupted.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Call Buttons and NO service??

Is this drinkable??
Thought for Today 37/500
Well I am back in Perth - the weather her is like Melbourne - dull, drizzling, windy etc BUT without the chill! One lady at the sessions said she used to live in Rockingham but had been in Melbourne for 16 years and didn't want to come back - the weather does that to you - makes you mental! But I suppose living with all those English migrants in their thongs and socks gets to you! Just ask Western Australia's Premier Mark McGowan - he has gone made since living in Rockingham.
Well, I spent most of my 5400 kilometre commute sleeping.. as you do when you fly - I just don't understand people who can' sleep on planes... heck I slept on the bus to the airport - the driver cam to find me because nobody collected my luggage.
tried coke with coffee - god id was awful. The coffee tasted like coffee syrup - I thought Australia had moved on since then [ flat white anyone? ] Coke will look for answer why it failed but coffee taste won't be considered... but again incase Coke is listening, it tasted bloody awful!
Point of view - As I see it! : [ instead of Rant ]
2 hours into the return flight from Melbourne I woke and had missed the meal service... and durin the 5 minutes I had been awake I had made small chat with my traveling companion two seats away - he was a Holden fan and had a neat RIP T Shirt on - and he offered to push the service button. Now on every flight the captain welcomes you and says "Bob [ or Betty] and their team are here to help and make your flight fantastic..." so I was expecting some one would turn up. Well a delightful [ she really was so I didn't get angry at any stage - although there were many reasons to ] flight steward eventually came 42 minutes after pushing the button and said "the call light is on - did anyone want something? or was it a mistake??"
And another 20 minutes later I got a serve of cheese and bikkies and a glass of read... people say its me but the difference between seat 32D in economy and 7B in business is $1500.
I think I will learn to put up with being ignored - when the service did come it was delightful... maybe they need more stewards?? maybe??

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Where do the students park at this high school?

Anywhere they please apparently!

OK I will drive myself but where do I park?
Thought for Today 36/500
I am sitting in Queen Street Melbourne - you forget how cold Melbourne is until you visit again! - having a coffee - about 3000 kilometres from my last coffee in Perth.
I am going to do 6 hours of sessions than fly back to Perth and away from the cold.
Why is coffee so cheap in Melbourne - it could be that it is terrible but that maybe just this place but what costs $4.40 in Perth costs only $3.20 here - strange stuff!!
Unexpected consequences?? In today's photo I have a story from the Perth Sunday Times that talks about parking issues at Perth's secondary school... when they increased the age that ypung people had to continue education, there was no allowance that more students would be of Drivers Licence Age and they would choose to drive to school. The result - chaos at the start and finish of the school day as students collide with parents dropping off and picking up younger students and a general lack of parking... the people who increased the school leaving age, didn't plan for more students driving to school.
There are dozens of examples of "unexpected consequences" like this and I will find a few and share them with you as they make themselves known.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Airline food in Cardboard Boxes! Where will it end?

REALLY AWFUL - airline food [ already questionable ] served in a card board Box

Thought for Today 35/500
Getting ready for midnight flight this evening to Melbourne... arrive 6'ish, to the city, two sessions [ one 9 to 12 than 1 to 4 ] back to airport, and back in Perth for a coffee and merlot before bed. How is that for a commute - 5400 Kilometre round trip!
Ooops and they don't serve Merlot in the Qantas Lounge! Melbourne airport does have a Nandos so I can avoid the airline food - Qantas now serve it in take away cardboard boxes... I think you can take cost cutting too far - it is inedible!! Trust me, I tried a few flights back and nearly choked on it..
Article in today's newspaper glorifying Elvis and Priscilla - seems insensitive with all that is going on in Hollywood and the casting couch.
The thing that gets my goat today is the AFL trying to get a minimum $10 million payment for 20 years from the new stadium in Perth - greedy bastards I say!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Do finger Prints Change?

Why not just reduce prices??

Thought for Today 34/500
This morning I am listening to Peter Diamandis - the most electric mind I have heard - author of ABUNDANCE and BOLD books that talk about "the world is better than you think."
Need a lift?? Read these or listen to Peter - your life will never be the same again.
What is your Massively Transformative Purpose ??
Can finger prints change?? Yes is the answer so identification by your "finger mark" isn't 100% fool proof - I wonder whether DNA will become fallible?? Rather than operators getting slack [ as in Western Australia ] will illness or other biology change your DNA?
The mainstream media, who must have known, going crazy about the relevations of the Hollywood casting couch. And the plebes lapping it up... and I am sure those magazins will have bumper sales this month.
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Leave the clocks alone its natures way

The universe has a wicked sense of humour... I have been working on a project for about a month, everything is looking great but this morning we took 5 steps back!! I think SHE [ I always think of the Universe as a SHE } is saying, don't get in front of yourself!! Anyway, the easy day isn't today!
Tomorrow is Saturday and with Mark at ProCopy we will record some more Thoughts of the Day - glad you are liking them or search iTunes "Rebootology" to subscribe.
Did you know Red Wine every day is like medicine - better than an apple a day. I am not sure I like the idea of non meat meat grown in a lab.
Eastern States people not calculating daylight saving time... I am getting lots of people ringing really early and getting "edgy" when I don't phone back until the sun gets up in Perth... the next thing is that they will want us to change our clocks.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Traditional News - is it worth it at 50% off?

Be careful or you will drop your teeth
Here is a thought for you... I stopped my subscription for the West Australian newspaper some months ago... I have been getting my news fix on the phone.
Got an email - says "come back we miss you" and we will give you a 50% discount on what you used to pay.
I am thinking, should I go back?? Joanne and I currently buy the Saturday and Sunday versions at cover price... so getting a week on the new rate is only a $1 more...
What do you think??
Juggling has shown to reduce stooping in people older than 70... of course you have to catch a few balls for it to be effective!
Hollywood tearing itself apart but still lecturing everybody else... and all the time I think Canada thanks its lucky stars that actors don't have the strength of their convictions - I thought they said if The Donald became POTUS they would immigrate.
As if we are surprised!! I am surprised that they are only saying Harvey was ugly - when will the anti-semetic shrill start??

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