Friday, September 22, 2017

Petrol Pricing - why is it cheaper on Monday?

Thoughts for Today 12/500
The weather is still rainy in Perth.. that's right it is the local football grand final AND the Royal Show - it ALWAYS rains for them... so it should be good next week!
Gratitude List:
Small actions mean so much. We visited an elderly aunt who has given up on having to get ready every day. My sister is a hairdresser - oh what a nice hair do, a little bit of colour and some lippy - the difference was amazing bot for my aunt and for my sister... the ability to do little things!
How e love the BIG animals... Perth Zoo have just received their new giraffe - and everyone one is talking about it. Whether they should be in Zoos is another thing but hey it beats rich dentists shooting them for "pleasure."
Change - not always good but always thought provoking! On my travels today I thought I would stop and have a quick look at the latest Musical instruments at shop that has been there for the 45 years I have been in Perth. Holy Shit - a 24 hour gym was there - no place to twinkle the ivories... Good or bad but I have the luxury of thinking what I want to think.
Have you wondered why hens cackle after laying an egg?? Well I have... the things that amuse. Apparently it is a mating call and is the rooster so he knows she is ready! I always wondered why a rooster with 20 hens always looked stuffed... well now I know.
Petrol price cycle. I paid $1.02 for litre of petrol on Monday - today at the service station I walked passed to get here it was $1.33 a litre - what other product or service could raise its price 30% in 3 days and get away with it??
They can't blame all the obvious things - the $$ has appreciated and the price of a barrel of oil has gone down - both should have made petrol cheaper.
They take us for fools... and we play along - waiting the to cheapest day in the price cycle to buy.
Quick before it goes UP!
I had this strange though - maybe it is a staff rostering trick?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dung Beetles Doing Their Thing

Thought for Today 12/500
Everyday I learn more about the system... I uploaded the wrong type of image yesterday - a animated gif - and Facebook wiped out my words... I didn't realise that is what happen before but twice a got the lesson, and I will guard against doing it 3 times!!
My sister is visiting and as always, she is good for a laugh. So I am grateful for laughter - helped by big doses of Mrs Browns Boys!!
Rain and nature for the renewal it brings.
And Donald Trump who is giving those "who are always right" so much to write about.
The wet weather will be great for the dung beetles in Western Australia - and they are natures fly control squad. Dry weather means no beetles and millions of flies... so, a bit of sun and everything will be great....
Why do the main stream media make such a thing about sports stars... by creating role models to aspire to they glorify short term fame above work. I don't know, maybe you can aspire to be the world Champion of marbles and the world will beat a path to your door... maybe!!

A DUNG beetle feasting

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Getting Old Doesn't Have To Suck

"Are all politicians liars" Wayne Mansfield
Thought for today 11/500

I have already written this before... and I wanted to load a pic of Pinocchio but it was a .gif and that stuffed everything up. I shall not do that again or it should be in a different order.

OK what am I grateful for:

Today I realised that I am of the age where previous generations were in real trouble... my grandmother died of old age at 63, I have lived 10 years longer than my own mother [ who died youn ] and I am in spitting distance of outlasting the years on the clock of my dad. So, I am grateful "Getting Old Doesn't Have To Suck"

I can truly see another 20 years into the future and I read that scientists have agreed on 117 as the normal "end of life" And I am reminded that the age pension was set at 65 when the majority of people died before 40!

Reading - I am grateful for reading so I can continue to experience new things and also that I was "experimented on" at school and taught speed reading so I can read a book a day.

A Nonsense:

What would happen if we stopped collecting honey - would we drown in the stuff... Now that would be a sticky ending.


Why do we let politicians get away with election lies?? The Labour Party in Western Australia got in on a promise of NO NEW TAXES... and now we have street protests in Kalgoorlie due to a Gold Levy [ Hey that isn't a tax?? ]

so as long as we still elect the best liars we will still get shit politicians

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why don't Ladybirds fly away in fear

Thoughts of the Day 10/500
So today I am writing before 6 am I thought as you got older you slept more... apparently not!
What three things am I grateful for today [ there are more but I will share 3 so you get the picture... ]
Nicole Kidman such an Australian Treasure - she is always great value for those idiots in the popular press. I think she was with Keith who the Woman's Weekly says she has divorced recently [ funny that ] and she kissed her co-star from the series she one the Emmy for - I think she funded the series too and she forgot to mention her kids with Mr Kruse but wasn't that the daughter that didn't invite her to her wedding... but after all, people they are actors!
And I really like Foxtel because they give the ABC something to measure themselves against - they are so polar that the middle is always sensible.
And AGL for running ads of their power station being reduced to rubble will hawking it to Malcolm...
And I should add a clear brain so I can enjoy this nonsense!
Why don't Ladybird Beetles fly away?
Apparently they are so sure they smell terrible that they have no reason to scurry away when we get close. I also hear that they are poisonous to eat but I haven't tried one yet.
Why does main stream media continue to show scenes of "conflict" about the same sex marriage debate. If we just let people ticket their form in the privacy of their own space and get on with it.... I am sure life would be better.
This is NOT Wayne Mansfield
But hey, screaming professional uni students make good reality TV and you don't have to pay them. Cheap talent!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Gambling Ads - no more please

Thought of the Day 9/500
The inner ramblings of Wayne Mansfield
As always, let's start with what I am grateful for:
That I can contemplate taking a holiday cruising the Mediterranean next year with Joanne for here 65th.
Pressure sprays so I can try and remove clover from my front lawn
Scanners - so I can send details to a friend and not have to reenter stuff
All of these are actually the fantastic result of being born into the first world - a 1% problem which is a joy really.
Interesting Uses for Red Wine - Fruit fly trap.
Apparently fruit flies LOVE red wine - so I am allowed to drink empty a fruit fly trap - otherwise known as Merlot - and then place it next to Joanne's fruit trees. We will see!
I haven't ever smoked, I love a red wine and other vices BUT everywhere the gambling ads!! Give me a break guys - I have been watching nirmal television a bit more in the last few weeks with the arrival of the IQ3 box from Foxtel and it seems 2 out of 3 ads are for gambling - of course the government gets its cut so they want it to continue... but hell, not everyone wants to lose or do they?? [ Gamble responsibly - what a joke! ]
So you can find me:
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Wayne Mansfield Merlot Fly TRap

Sunday, September 17, 2017

False headlines... Wayne Mansfield

Why Can't we see under water

Thought for today
8 / 500
So to start to Sunday morning... apart for feeling deflated because my football team [ The West Coast Eagles ] when down without much fight, here are a few things I am grateful for:
Stevie J the wonder man still giving fans joy - even if he isn't playing in the right colours - and to bring that joy to me, live full colour Television - as a kid in Margaret River in the 1960's we had TV which needed a 100 ft aerial to get a signal and sometimes it was the South Australian ABC instead of Perth and there was this amazing thing called a test pattern which we watched for hours. We had real football then with the West Perth team being my favourite
Shirley from down the road - her cauliflower pickles was a amazing - home made stuff is amazing!
And my Victa Mower - I get unbelievable pleasure mowing that small piece of verge lawn.
And my RANT:
False headlines.... Margaret Court seems to be an easy target - the headline says she has been kicked out of her Tennis Club due to firmly held views of traditional marriage where the article says she was a losing candidate in an election for a patron who could give the tennis club lots of time. Why has our traditional media gone to the click bait model. No wonder they are now consider irrelevant.
And my daily Brain Puzzle - why can fish see better under water that humans??
Apparently it is because our [ human ] eyes are more water like than fish's and therefore don't refract light in a way that gives clear vision. In simple terms, fish eyes are more glass like than ours.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Revenge of the Bullied

The face of a winner - WBO World Champ Jeff Horn
In all the anti-bully political nonsense I wonder how many stories like this one go unacknowledged?

"Former school teacher Jeff Horn is getting used to his new title of world champion, after an upset victory over boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. It's a classic underdog tale for Horn, who only took up boxing after being bullied."If you have every adversity taken away how can you ever grow resilient??
Here is my take: We have had 20 years of political correctness about this BUT the reasons why we have put up with this [ suicide among young males for instance ] have continued to rise... wouldn't you say that is a failure??