Monday, May 21, 2018

The difference a week makes

Perth enjoys more hours of sun than any other major city in Australia. Take advantage and slash your utility bills. We aim to deliver the most competitive prices for premium quality solar panels in Perth.

Last week John Worsfold was Australia's worst football coach and was consigned to the scrap heap.
This morning I read his team pull off a miracle win - and John is back being a genius... and it was after all the players who were at fault.
Life is funny!!
And West Australia has a power crisis... TOO much solar power being feed into the grid - two problems with that - o revenue for the greedy power facility and too much power that they can't sell as they forced the prices too high which got people to instal solar panels [ and the circle goes round and round...]
Oh I forgot these decisions are made by the people we elected to govern us... tut tut serves us right! Not a problem where the sun doesn't shine 300 plus days a year.
My question:
When do we stop taking advice from people who have less than 5 hours of sunlight for 6 months a year??

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Obstacle is the Way

The Obstacle is the Way
Just heard an interview with Ryan Holiday by Robert Kiyosaki... and I was reminded about the last couple of days... also Seth Godin's book The Dip. Most people give up due to the obstacles and success lies just beyond.
I had a challenging week of travel - my electric shaver somehow was turned on in the bag - so couldn't shave for 2 days - places to buy a replacement weren't open by the time I start or finish.
Left my laptop bag in the Qantas Lounge when leaving Sydney with 2 days of training to do - the airline found it but to transfer from one city to another said I had to use a courier which wanted $450 NOT to get to me in time to use... had to recreate the presentations...
Then in Melbourne stayed at the hotel I have stayed at for 20 plus times - new reception wanted extra $$$$ bond as I was checking in so late... of course all the other pre-authorisations had eaten up the balance on my cards - tense 30 minutes but creativity meant I got a room to sleep..
A morning walk is the ritual I order on an app so don't need to take my wallet - "Sorry we are experiencing technical difficulties try later " What is that word that you can't say that starts with F
And the wifi doesn't work and the paper is late - the next few days are going to be amazing!!
And I am reminded that the difference between success and obscurity is that successful people learn to eat shit before the lamingtons.
Ahh well it is Sunday... did you watch the wedding.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Where to now?

Recently I was talking with Croz who used some jargon - CMI and I had to ask what it meant... Clear Mental Image.. well last night was impacted by fitful sleep patterns bu on waking the CMI had emerged.
so for the next little while I will concentrate on LICENCING business seminars Australia in its major markets as the ultimate marketing tool for for professional speakers and consultants to self fund the expansion of their influence and business.
What created this search for my CMI ?? Well yesterday I woke to the news that one of my favourite social media appications KLOUT is to be shuttered on May 25th... the new owners don't want to continue and I thought my plans have relied on something I have no control over and now I mist be 100% behind my ideas... I have been playing with licencing for years and have always been distracted. So, today is the start of CMI - Licencing of Business seminars Australia...
Interested?? Let me know in the comments.

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Friday, May 04, 2018

Can you trust them... [ politicians I mean ]

A little off my normal thought pattern today I want to comment on politics...

The local member for Perth a young family man is quitting immediately [ forcing a by election ] because he wants to be a dad to his 3 young daughters - more power to him.

The area he represents in our Federal Parliament is Perth which I am sometimes in and sometimes not - the redraw the boundaries every few years and my street is sometimes in and some times out.

It has been a strong Labour seat and whoever they [ Labour ] nominates gets in... in this mornings paper they are saying ex Senator Pratt is red hot favourite to get the gig... now I identified with Hammond [ the retiring guy ] father of three in traditional marriage but no way do I identify with Pratt who is in a modern marriage with a transgender partner.

My question - have we gone too far with what is accepted as modern two party politics??

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Old Dogs New Tricks

Yesterday I was helping a mate do something new... a marketing concept most people wouldn't try... will it work "Who Knows"

Now some context... we are both qualified for Seniors Cards... have been in business since our twenties but haven't got a place in our vocabulary for the R word.

Yet everyday we hear people complaining about change and the attitude of kids.

You can do that or you can just "get on with it!"

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Well that was that!

Wednesday March 14th 2018

Some time ago I promised myself if I thought I had lost it, the Superman ability, I would give up trying to do what I used to do.... I think that time has come.

Things that were easy have become hard, keeping my word regardless of good intention, is becoming harder, and making money the old way has stopped being effective.

Attack my family and all bets are off!

This morning I have just scrapped together the monthly payment for the email server - and have nothing left in the kitty... a situation I promised myself wouldn't happen after I turned 65 - here is is at 66 and I am cleaned out and have an issue that will be all engulfing for the next couple of weeks.

The feeling isn't any less painful than it was when I hit the brick wall 25 years ago or 15 years ago but I don't want to have this feeling again.

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