Saturday, December 03, 2016

Nothing is constant BUT change

Yesterday I was looking for something familiar so I went o Facebook to check the posts of Family, Friends and clients... but Facebook had changed again. where my SMART custom lists used to be was NOTHING. My first reaction was to rant and rave [ as you do when something changes ] but after reflection of though of all the things in my great life that have changed and have never changed back... Margaret River of my boyhood - it is different now, the world loves it but it is not what my childhood memories were made of, Perth the lazy BIG COUNTRY town that is now an expensive big city, simpler phones but now mini computers like iPhone 7’s, flying used to be exciting and romantic, it is now ordinary and like catching a bus, everyday was exciting with new challenges but not nothing is extraordinary. I am not complaining just saying. My go to futurist, Alvin Toffler said: “The illiterate of the 21 st century will not be those that can’t read or write but rather those who can’ learn, unlearn and relearn.”
So, the journey to change has started again... I have to get used to ditching knowledge that is no longer valuable - I struggle to give up PageMaker where I must surely have been a world expert but they stopped updating that program 10 years ago - I think that sometimes when you are forced to change - like the Czars at Facebook force us to do on a very regular basis, that change is more palatable. I love podcasts and listen most mornings to James Altucher, Tim Ferris, Joe Polish, Dan Sullivan, Stephen Dubner, etc.. and I heard Kevin Kelly who for those of you who aren’t aware was the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, talk about the consistent need to upgrade himself.. how he would hold onto a program where he had expertise, but the hardware would continue to improve, newer more capable programs would be released, and he would fall further behind and to catch up became more and more a challenge. He eventually decided to be on a constant improvement curve. I feel like Facebook has forced me to have my Kevin Kelly moment.
So, thanks you Facebook for taking away my custom lists... I am grateful!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Best $10 you can spend on Airline travel.

M & M's for experiment!
Recently I read an article on travel tips and it commented that you could change the enjoyment of a flight with a simple $10 purchase.

The advice was "Purchase a box of M & M and give it to the flight staff with the advice... "This is for you and please share with your colleagues" and according to the advice you would be blown away with the service that resulted."

So, I tried the experiment.

It was flight QF792 from Perth October 24th, 2016 leaving Perth at 8.30 am.

I will keep you informed.

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Monday, August 01, 2016

Some ideas deserve to be killed Off

Today I read a great "snippet" from Peter Diamandis titled: Create a culture that rewards killing ideas.

"As I've discussed with regard to Google's moonshot factory 'X', Idealab also believes in killing
ideas quickly.

Ideas need a short life span
Bill Gross, founder of Idealab explains, "We kill a lot of ideas. There is no risk to our people; nobody gets fired. In fact, people get praised when we kill something. We save a lot of money when we kill a bad idea."

It is so critically important that this notion is ingrained into your culture – otherwise, it will never work. Reward your people for finding ways ideas won't work before you invest heavily in them."

So, are you holding onto an idea that really doesn't deserve any more of your time??

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Coles and OfficeWorks declare war on GOOD customers

After big companies continue to get a kicking for shady practices by ASIC and FairWork [ that inludes Coles, Woolworths and Seven11 ] they are starting to get nasty with their customers.

I use OfficeWorks for workbook reproduction and this weekend have spent $700 there. How do you reckon they treated me... I spend this amount or more each month. Firstly I was told that the rules had changed and I had to prepay Ugh?? I has been to the same OfficeWorks for 4 years spending upwards of $1k a month on copying without any issue on payment, yet they wanted a good customer to PREPAY because they had an issue with a customer not picking up a canvas printing job worth $100?

And when I went to leave the store in Malaga just a few hours ago, after paying the bill in full, the door person wouldn't let me leave unless he could itemize my receipt against what I was carrying. Mmmm unfortunately the little guy has been murdered by the Coles giant and I suppose this is the new normal.

On Saturday morning at the Coles Supermarket - you know the guys who have been caught out by the Fair Work Commissioner for underpaying staff... there was a young guy taking photos of behind the scene places that could be used against the current contract cleaners when they terminated their current cleaning contracts.

And oh these are the same guys who run KMART and TARGET and have clothes made in Sweat shops in Bangladesh...

I can see the Financial pages recording that both OfficeWorks and Coles are struggling as "store to store" sales are declining.

I wonder what genius will take responsibility for this latest cost cutting... treat customer as the enemy strategy.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Flat White appears on Starbucks menu board - Australia's gift to the world.

Australia is less and less influenced by the views of Americans.

Flat White Coffee
Australia's gift to the world
Where Americans can’t see anywhere else in the world, we have influence from Asia, UK Europe and the US.

Just a simple example is coffee… none of that dreadful brewed stuff for us Aussies.
Our coffee culture had two dramatic effects on Starbucks… Starbucks closed down stores in Australia as we don't like the sweet stuff that passes are drinks in Starbucks.

Starbucks relaunched in Australia with flat white [ according to Costa Coffee from the UK “Australia’s gift to the world” ] on the menu… it has also been added in the UK.

As I haven’t travelled to the US for 5 years I am not sure it has reached their yet but Hugh Jackman is doing his best to spread the sheer delight of flat white to America.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Best price - a promise or a "bait and switch "The BIG hole that swallowed my leg?

The BIG hole that swallowed my leg and iPhone

The screen shattered - wow!

iPhone 6 drama [ some would say a first world problem!! ] occurred on a recent trip to Bali for the CoWorkingUnConferenceAsia2016 [ and that is another story! ]. While walking between restaurants in Ubud Bali, I stepped into a VERY BIG hole which swallowed me whole.

You can see that apart from skinned knees, a dented pride the damage was focused on my iPhone screen... completely shattered!

Back in Perth I was quoted $160 to fix it... but when I arrived they said it would be $300!! Isn't that illegal? - bait and switch? That was iRepair - so be careful.

Eventually I got the apple shop to do the job at about $275 and a great job they did.

MY POINT: Be careful of getting a quote and then being told, for whatever reason, that isn't available and being suckered into the higher figure... days later iRepair's web still quoted $160 for an iPhone6 new screen.

OK I am no calm.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Seth Godin Poke The Box

Many people mistakenly believe you need to read a book from cover to cover to get the most from a book. I love to grab a book, one like Seth Godin's POKE THE BOX, which is a collection of previously published snapshot ideas and read the ideas from where the page where the book opens. I then continue to read until I get a "shit yes..." idea and then the book has done it's job.

So here goes with "Poke the box"

Poke The BoxSeth Godin

When Can you Start?

Soon is not as good as now.

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