Monday, July 16, 2018

Why can't we just celebrate the rescue?

Last week in Thailand an unusual event happened... nationalities and egos combined to save 13 people stuck in a cave... but no sooner had the cheers quietened than the naysayers started barking.
In the past they wouldn't have had a platform but Facebook and Twitter allowed people to whinge about why they were in the cave, the recklessness of the coach, the audacity of Elon Musk and on and on it went...
No pause to celebrate the rescue and the honour the brave Thai diver who perished... do the main stream media so like blood and gore that without it they have lost the art of GOOD news...
I think society has gone to far with celebrating the cult of Self Esteem and No responsibility and unfortunately anyone can do and say what they think.
It is time to take back our true selves... be part of Rebootology and also in business consider coming to the new management series of Business Seminars Australia. #WayneMansfield #Rebootology #BusinessSeminarsAustralia

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The new Elite - Are you a shoe girl

Are you a shoe GIRL

The New elite?
I was listening to Robert Kiyosaki podcast and he had a guest talking about how "we" had stuffed up the economy.
The basic idea was that 40 years ago schools started giving out scholarships to very bright disadvantaged kids... the brightest of the bright without funds... and they did exceptionally well. And now because they did well they are the elite - used to being given a free ride and now earning exceptional income and the problem is their entitled kids.
With these exceptionally bright University educated people [ Obama Clinton Bob Hawke etc ] rising to power we have become a knowledge society where money is made in the financial markets of the world and not by building things.
The idea put was that we needed to get back to rewarding making things...
It made me think about political correctness where people are allowed to be offended for other people even when the other people are not necessarily offended. My example is asking a lady if "are you a shoe girl" which those who are agree and those who want to be offended become offended by the sexist language,

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Monday, June 25, 2018

What does Satya Nadella Call Microsoft's Reboot? HIT REFRESH

Satya Nadella is the current CEO of Microsoft - and only third 3rd CEO since formation - earlier CEO's were Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.
In the forward to Nadella's great book Hit Refresh Bill Gates writes " it was no surprise to me that once Satya became CEO he immediately put his mark on the company. As the title of this book implies, he didn't completely break with the past - when you hit refresh on your browser, some of what's on the page stays the same."
Gates goes on to say "despit all this rapid change in the computing industry, we are still at the beginning of the digital revolution."
So, in my opinion the change will accelerate and if we are not prepared we will be left behind.
So, whether it is reboot or refresh, I hope to bring you perspective in Rebootology The Science of living your later life to the full.
Join me on the journey it will be fun!

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Time to end the insanity!

Over the last few weeks I have been procrastinating about how to change what I am doing and today I finally decided to end the agony and stop the endless travelling for Business Seminars Australia... often doing the same thing and expecting a different result only leads to further frustration... so after 43 years I am going to wind down the seminar business as I have worked it and I will move to the Rebootology model.

Sure the next few weeks will be difficult but so be it... not doing anything would just prolong the decision.

So,after the August sessions of Stepping Up and Successfully Managing people there will be no more.

It is supposed to make you feel goof but it doesn't - some day I will look back and say this is the best day of my rebooted life... some day.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Is it time to change gear?

Yesterday I was challenged by a friend to look at what I have been doing over the last few years - the Business Seminars Australia business... and she said - why do you keep doing it? And my lame answer was "I need $x to maintain the lifestyle " and she said "why"
So let's address the "why" of what you do..
1 You are good at it: That is why I have been one of the world's best direct marketer since 1975 - I have been always doing it and getting better - something new changed all my metrics yesterday except my enjoyment of doing it..
2. What if the new thing doesn't work? Again some advice from a friend said - if it doesn't work who would know??
3. Not having faith in the process - I gave someone advice about "Do enough" to get the result. My old saying "Activity gets results - not necessarily from the activity" and then proceed to say you won't know if it works unless you give it a try 20 times... "the first no doesn't mean the next 19 will say no!" earlier
So, the time has come to try that new thing - and the best way is to stop doing the old thing... which I did earlier today! [ now to let the world know too!]

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The world is changing!

I often think of what my grandmother would think about 2018 - she passed when I was about 12 [ 1964'ish ] of old age. [ she was middle 60's but times were tough then.]
Then I think about stuff that was that isn't from my lifetime... The last of the Boeing 747's has just been retired - once the queen of the skies... and Airbus can't lease out second hand A380's so they are being parked in the desert..
Do you remember when you would take a day and half and three changes of plane to go from Australia to London - well the new jets do it none stop [ 17 hours ] and don't need to stop in Singapore, Dubai or Doha... what will happen to hub airports??
The current 1st world problem in Australia is that the FIFA World Cup is not streaming properly for Optus - what about live satellite feeds of just a few years ago - I remember watching The Beatles perform "All You need is Love" for the world's first live telecast that the world could see. [ And last December going to Brisbane to see 75 year old Paul McCartney perform live for 50 k "oldies" I felt I was the youngest true fan at 66.
So what is Rebootology?? What should we do now that everything has changed?? You have been in business for 30 years and you don't see what you do as work?? What now??
Join me on the journey of making the next 25 years meaningful. That is 100 90 day periods or 100 seasons of life...
Are you in?? Let me know in the comments.
[ I am learning how to make this monster Facebook work better ]

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Play the Matrix BOOK REVIEW [ Audio ]

This is an audio book about creating your future and if you recognise the name - Mike Dooley - he is featured in The Secret.
Points of Interest:
audio book - I subscribe to Audible and used this months credit - else wise wouldn't have probably listened to this.
Playing the Matrix is mention by Dickie Armour in his Monday Podcast and given credit by Dickie for allowing him to change direction.
Bernard Kelly suggested I look for inspiration from what I like doing.
The audio book comes with [ as do other books ] downloadable pdf sheets which I have done.
Basic Idea:
You can dream a different out come if you understand the Matrix.
The material is interesting enough for me to listen again - it reminds me of Wallace Wattle's The Science of Getting Rich which is the platform for the work of Croz Crossley.
My recommendation:
Play the Matrix is worth the effort to read [ listen ]
Rating at this stage 4 / 4 .