Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Milo anyone

Thought for Today 44/500

Well I think supplements work. I haven't been "up and at them" at 3.30 am for months... Blu the Cat doesn't know what to do!

Was watching Paul Murray Live last night. Ross Cameron went off the deep end but was pulled into line by Graeme and Janine. Well done guys.
Then Paul interviewed #MiloYiannopolous and I think, if he is right, the next 30 years will be an interesting time. Milo's take is that Left Wing Elites have pushed Political Correctness too far and it is now time for the "great unwashed" majority to reclaim their opinions etc. As I said, should be interesting times.
If you are interested in doing stuff let me know. I have a number of projects on the go that I could use a hand with.
Milo Yiannopolous
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Monday, October 23, 2017

Feet of Clay

Just dirty or Feet of Clay
Thought for Today 43/500
Rather rough start to the day... my marketing system was unresponsive and my coffee office wifi problematic.
Just saw some note about NBN CEO saying technology might need to be restricted to allow them to make a quid.
My daughter has a new apartment in East Perth - mobile internet is about 75 mg/sec and the adsl suggests she will get between 3 and 6 mg/sec.
With Dad [ me ] paying for her connections, which do you think she will settle on??
Strange weather over the weekend - tropical I think which isn't Perth - warm during day and storms at night.

The #metoo movement has claimed one of my heros and I wonder who else has feet of clay... and the judgements are so subjective.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Said the spider to the fly

That's the problem with short term memory

Thought for Today 42/500
Droning droning in the background is that guy who has scared off a number of people who used to come to my place of solitude - sometimes people don't get it - reminds of "said the spider to the fly"
A good friend, Mark Whitehouse, has run for local council and given that 90% of votes are already in by post, do you think I can find any local press on results... not Dr Google, the Sunday Times, bloody frustrating and I think it explains a lot- when a crazy went crazy in Las Vegas you couldn't get away from it but stuff that might matter - nowhere to be found. Maybe a local TV station - nah! all news rooms control from Sydney and Melbourne.
Do vitamin and supplements work? I am not sure and this time
last year, before having a month off in Italy, Joanne and I gave up our "pills and potions". And in a year I haven't noticed any detriment but I am finally convinced I should take two supplements - multis for those over 50 and Glucosamine for the aches and pains... I will let you know in a couple of months if I notice and benefits!
Why now... a long commute to Melbourne on Monday - something I have done dozens of times, has take a week to recover from. I had lots of sleep yesterday - so much Joanne asked me "Are you sick?"
So, Chemist Warehouse here I come.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hopefully above ground!

Are you working DEEPLY?

Thought for Today 41/500
I am preparing for my new session DONE! Getting more important things done.... and have committed to researching new productivity stuff.
The new thinking is about making a distinction between Deep and shallow work - I have just listened to DEEP WORK by Cal Newport on Audible.
So, I will try and journal how much time I do deep work against shallow work - I am concerned that drinking coffee [ Australia's gift to the world Flat White ] won't make Deep Work.

I watched a great program on TV [ yes I like TV ] last night about 4 older English people searching for a place to retire - they visited Japan Kyoto where 30% of people are over 60!! What disturbed me was one of the group, who was identified as Wayne a classical dancer [ ballet no less ] said he had stopped thinking of dying - he was 68 and I have to say I am a young 66 and I never think of dying. It really disturbed my but the eldest of the group was 88 and he was a ball of fun... he was in his prime a professional dart player.
All the more reason for REBOOTOLOGY.
The Japanese have active work programs for those over 60 and getting a job is easy - sign up and they place you in 24 hours - it was interesting here a 88 year old being asked

"Where will you be in 5 years?" I think his answer was "Hopefully above ground!"

Friday, October 20, 2017

Knock Knock Knocking on Penny's Door

Penny Penny Penny

Thought for Today 40/500
The power of the trivial! I check in most days on Howard who writes about life and nonsense every day on Facebook.
Sometimes he writes deep and meaningful but mostly just fun and nonsense.
Yesterday he wrote about putting ginger in the curry - now ginger was the kids cat - and the comments set the world on fire. You Tube is ablaze with cat "torture" videos [ cats doing silly things ]
Just why do we find such pleasure in such things of NO substance??
This weekend in my state we are having local elections and 65% of people will blissfully ignore them but will complain when their green rubbish isn't collected on time... or will they complain or is it some whinging person that just annoys everyone.
Aaah we need all sorts to make the world go round.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nigel the Pelican friend of NEMO

What's so unusual about being called Nigel?

Thought for Today 39/500
At coffee office - should have been doing sessions today but giving body time to recover from the 2017 version of the flu - thanks Susana for the encouragement - "My friend though it was the flu but the Doctor says it is lung Cancer" Mmmm I think I have the flu!
Yesterday started with me being accosted by the man who wanted to talk... and that attitude coloured my day. Today I have decided to be happier!!
So to start with examples of amazing service in contrast to yesterdays writings.
I had a steak lunch at the 7 Mile Inn in Balcatta. They have a lunch special steak - good value and the steak is usually cooked as ordered - medium rare for me - and the merlot is Jacobs Creek so nearly a perfect lunch.
My computer needed charging so I could write - but no power points in sight. I asked the duty manager and he said... "hold on a moment - I will run and extension cord for you and you can charge away!!" Good service delivered with unexpected good humour. Well done 7 Mile Inn.
I have been getting phone calls about my ABN number not showing the correct details and a major Local Government rang to order courses BUT the ABN was confusing.
I rang a help line and got NIGEL. We joked, laughed and shared [ yes he was from the Government and he did help me ] and he found out that when ASIC took over the State Business Name Registers somehow our records got "confused" NIGEL said he wanted to help more but couldn't but he then gave me the phone number to call, suggested the best time to call, explained what I had to ask ASIC to do and how it would work. Yes NIGEL was with the Government.
Thursday is a deep work day for me - I call it my warrior day - so after writing walking and my coffee, I will enter warrior mode but today I will start with a mindset of gratitude rather than confrontation.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I want my space - please piss off!

I came here for solitude

Finished coffee and ready for action!
My coffee place has an alcove which is usually available for me - no need for eye contact, talking with, or interaction with others - a sanctuary if you like.
Hell when I turned the corner there was someone there waiting to talk to me. It was the guy who comes to the coffee place to share his point of view about the ills of the world and to hell if you have an opinion.
anyway, sometime ago, I said I don't want to chat this morning I came to write and I haven't been bothered yesterday and he turned his attention to someone else who, having been to polite to tell him to piss off, didn't come today.
Anyway I was asked why?? And I have him a straight answer which obviously was a mistake because after 5 minutes I had to ask him to leave me alone...
So, my question, do you have one of those people who are only interested in finding someone to convert to their point of view and who forget that we have one mouth and two ears and don't use them in that proportion!
So, the first 15 minutes of my sanctuary were a battle ground and my usual tranquil day beginning has been disrupted.