Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Egg Seller

How much an egg??

This morning I read a post by my sister Lurline Cocivera:

It included this parable:

'My father used to buy simple goods from poor people at high prices, even though he did not need them. Sometimes he even used to pay extra for them. I got concerned by this act and asked him why does he do so? Then my father replied, "It is a charity wrapped with dignity, my child”

And I thought, I should do that more often.

Monday, January 29, 2018

A third, a third, and a third

Woman in Gold
I was infuriated by a fellow traveller on Australia Day. For the opinion and probably because it seemed to me this person was a teacher - polluting our young peoples minds...
It was about the "invasion" day crap - I think about the fact that a majority of the arrivals on January 26th 1788 - most were white slaves - we call them convicts - incarcerated for "crimes" that today wouldn't even attract an "on the spot" fine... And I wonder if we should have a national apology to them?
But the particular thing that annoyed me was a sated preference to the original land title system in Australia before Cook's arrival to colonise Australia - common wealth - what's mine is yours.
I asked, seriously, would they mind if I and 20 others can to live with them without paying our way - "Oh you are changing the argument " they said...
Here is how James Rickards talks about what it takes to preserve wealth over centuries
The frequent reply is "a third, a third, and a third."
"Yet as one goes abroad, there is an even older kind of money, true dynastic wealth that has existed in some families for 300 years or longer. This type of wealth has survived not only business cycles but also war, invasion, the collapse of empires, revolution, and natural disaster. In order for family wealth to persist through so many centuries and through such adversity, something more is needed than ordinary investment skill. This rare kind of success in wealth preservation requires a longer view, infused with a sense of history and a keen appreciation for worst-case scenarios that too frequently become real.
When one inquires of family members and representatives as to what it takes to preserve wealth over centuries and not just cycles, the frequent reply is "a third, a third, and a third." This is shorthand for dividing one's wealth into one-third land, one-third gold, and one-third fine art. Obviously some liquidity is needed for day-to-day expenses and some room can be made for a speculative portfolio, but the basic idea that land, gold, and art outlast and outperform riskier assets such as stocks, bonds, and cash seems sound when viewed from the perspective of centuries and not just years or decades."
What about the Nazi's their shrill reply??
When in Vienna recently we were exposed to the Gold Lady - the repatriation of a painting to the heirs of a family who lost their wealth in the Second World War - I think someone paid $140 million to that heir for the painting - and wealth was restored!

Speak up or we will end up in a socialist system - what is the saying "The worst thing about Capitalism is that is was named by a socialist - Karl Marx.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Enough already

The Popular Australian National Anthem

It's time [ and I am old enough ] to say - enough is enough - about stuff that is rammed down our throats by the politically correct police.

What am I talking about?? In a group of 10 fellow proud Aussies on Australia Day a mixture of Italian and Croation immigrants, a Yorshire couple and me, a 5th generation West Australian, I voiced the opinion that I hoped that the movement to make Invasion Day the replacement for Australia Day wouldn't catch on.

I was shouted down, and kneed by "she who knows better" to keep quiet, and told that even though we have an elected Government, Democracy is a flawed system and it doesn't matter if most people don't want something, if a loud enough group shouts loud enough we should accept there views - does this sound like Same Sex Marriage advocates [?] we should make sure nobody has any grievance... and I am sure these views will be feed to young minds in school... like Safe Schools Anti Bully Nonsense... until, our weak kneed politicians, to shut up the shouting, will give in, have a National conversation, and then claim credit for a "progressive" point of view and change what ails the "down trodden"

It reminds me of the saying "Life was meant to be fair!" so get used to it.

Forever, we have had the GOLDEN RULES - the persona with the gold makes the RULES [ even I have had to change that from the man to the person ]

I used to think Ayn Rand's writing were science fiction but they are really were accurate predictions of social change - where was that country they went to to start again??

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Elton John to retire

Elton john to retire??
Nothing too radical about that but did you [ certainly I did ] think his hard living, drugs and other vices... would have claimed him much younger??
Neil Diamond has succumbed to ill health but Paul McCartney was amazing in concert when I went to see him in December.
All that advice about hard living seems to have been wrong!! Hell what keeps Keith Richards going??
Nothing too radical about that but did you [ certainly I did ] think his hard living, drugs and other vices... would have claimed him much younger??
Neil Diamond has succumbed to ill health but Paul McCartney was amazing in concert when I went to see him in December.
All that advice about hard living seems to have been wrong!! Hell what keeps Keith Richards going??

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Not ready yet for God's waiting room

Perfect Waves at Margaret River

Mmmm do you like birthdays?? Today I am 66... and when I was younger and until my twenties people in their 60's died of over work and old age - usually some horrible illness or a really bad flu got them. Here I am fit - 10 kms a day, healthy - I don't have a "doctor" no need apart from annual skin cancer removals [ beach in the sun as a kid ] and whilst wealthy is a stretch we are planning a Mediterranean cruise this year based on where it goes not how much it costs. So what gets people who live longer is that the body out lasts the mind... shit I hope that isn't me.
So, today is just another notch on the belt and I am still planning my next 100 ninety day projects [ that's 25 years for you non mathies ]
Grace and Frankie have a phone that only rings to announce an funeral - haven't got there yet but maybe I should consider prepaying my cremation expenses - they say costs of dying always go up but apparently the internet has ignited a price war in the UK Mmmm just another thing to have to decide about.
Terry and Elizabeth Parsons are going to put my ashes in their caravan and them spread them [ my ashes ] into the sea at Margaret River...
I just checked and I am still breathing..

Thanks for all the birthday wishes... I will be here for 67th!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Why didn't I think of that!

That's a thought!
Many random thoughts from the last month:
The new business model for knowledge workers - give away ideas charge for implementation!
"People get paid when they build a sophisticated product [ Facebook?] and then create a services ecosystem"
Exit interview " I think you would be happier working elsewhere"

and Life advice:
"The is nothing to be gained by being boring, plain and beige, and trying to please everyone"

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Are you guilty of streaming infidelity

Jane Fond ageing well?!
Jane Fonda makes me feel WOW !!
And after binge watching of Grace and Franki I am all in favour of "work" if she has had some!

So what did I want to say about this Netflix special... after episode 1 of series 4 or 5 Joanne commented there can't be enough for another 11 episodes... but was she wrong.

I think we have touched on gay marriage, sisters estranged, cancer, husbands dying, orangutans escaping, runny eggs, loneliness, sex reveal baby showers, knee surgery, younger men as lovers, mixed race adoption, hippies in Arizona, drunk driving of mobility scooters, tiny houses [ can we do this in my car - it has more room ] weird names Coyote in preference to a Normal name, the spirit world, dementia, elderly gay couple counselling, open gay marriages, and we still have a few episodes to fo - and the new social evil of binge watching without your watching partner [ what's the name for that - yes that's it - streaming infidelity - oh Joanne was so wrong...

What is your favourite new social challenge?