Sunday, June 18, 2017

Unexpected consequence of less newspaper sales... more taxi drivers in Sydney!

Last week I took a taxi from Kent Street Sydney to Qantas Domestic Terminal [ cheap not at $51.50 ] The train  was not an option with 4 pieces of luggage.

My driver was a qualified architect , Australian citizen who had been in Sydney for 8 years - his adult sons had graduated Sydney universities some 5 years earlier. Why a taxi driver?? Well his training in Shanghai China is not recognised in Australia but if he was from Bangladesh it would have been [ ? ] His first choice of occupation in Sydney?? A Newsagent but they are a dying business as people get their news on line and their Lotto tickets - online!!

Some positive news for our taxi driver - his cab was a Toyota Camry Hybrid - fuel cost were once $50 a shift but they had dropped to just $15. He said one issue though was less places to buy fuel and also Uber charged much less than a taxi... I had read that Sydney cab drivers can agree a fare less than what is on the meter to compete with UBER. [ ooops I forgot to ask my cabbie to match UBER ]

Thursday, June 15, 2017

What does CNN stands for?? Could it be Constantly Negative News??

Is this a better alternative to more Terror Attacks??

Have you noticed that London has dominated the news lately and NOT for all the right reasons...

Terror attacks on a London Bridge, Terror attacks in Manchester, Terror attacks at Borough Market and then just for a change, A 27 story high rise apartment complex engulfed in fire with lives lost... oops I forgot one... the General Election which ended in a hung Parliament which was against all odds which Mains Stream media predicted would be a 100 seat majority!!

what do all these things have in common Negative news... and to keep the TV God feed it is beamed constantly CNN... and the result??

In Australia the third television network Channel 10 slips in administration - we are getting sick of CNN and have finally turned off and the advertisers aren't paying anymore.

What abut facebook?? Most common activities are viewing family pictures [ POSITIVE ] cat videos [POSITIVE] How to videos[ POSITIVE and advertisers are flocking there.

My challenge to everyone - get with the POSITIVE program.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cruel mankind... homeless in Sydney Australia

I am on a rest day in Sydney between seminars and everywhere in the streets are homeless people who the world has left behind. Do big cities need to stoop this low??

Homeless in Sydney Australia

Thursday, June 08, 2017

"Is the glass half full or half empty? It depends on whether you are pouring or drinking."

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why has blog engagement dropped?

Wayne Mansfield Author
I was checking how many people end up at my blog for each post - three years ago it averaged 1,000 a post, 2 years ago it had dropped to 500 a post and now we get 200 a post.

I still use the usual promo sites... twitter, Facebook and Triberr..

What do you put this down to?